AAA2Andrea Atwood has designed fabric art, designed patterns and taught classes in various cities in Montana for many years.  The classes and patterns have been for quilters of all ages and abilities.  For more information regarding patterns, art or classes, please use the Contact Us button above to send us a message, because information varies for different locations and class sizes.

Classes are available for Landscape Quilting, Shreddling Landscape Quilting, and Appliqué Classes for Andrea’s Quilt Patterns.

Please see Landscape examples “Call of the Wild”, “Remini”, “The Arrival”, “The Steinmetz Lighthouse” and Shreddling examples “Elsa the Lioness”, “Montana Roads”, “Remini Gulch”, and “Yoda” from the Fiber Art Gallery.  Also please see the Reflections and Helena Series patterns in the Patterns Gallery.

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