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FiberArt by Andrea Atwood

Fiberart_-_The_ArrivalThe Fiber Arts displayed here are always made with high quality fabrics and accessories.  Every piece has a design completely stitched down on the front, batting quilted between the front layer and the coordinating backing fabric.  Each fiber art piece is unique and an original design.  The rich fabrics and detail is best seen in person. Close up photos are available upon request.   Fiber art pieces will vary slightly in size, and color, due to the availability of the fabrics and accessories.

To Mount Fiber Art to the Wall:
Most of the fiber art pieces are designed to hang so that the rod is not visible from the front.
To hang:  Place the piece against the wall just as you wish it to appear when complete, pressing the rod against the wall.  Turn back one upper corner of the art so the rod is visible.  Hammer the appropriate size nail to support the weight of the art, into the rod hole.  Some pieces may require you to use anchor screws, depending on the weight of the piece and the structure of the wall.  Make sure the art is level and do the same thing for the other side.  Push the corners that were turned, flat against the wall and hanging is complete.

A few pieces have the rod showing beyond the sides of the artwork and only require a nail under the rod for support.


The art is best preserved by keeping it hung indoors, out of direct light, away from windy drafts and against a smooth surface.  Should you have to store it, it is best if it is rolled up with the front facing outward, so as not to create sharp creases.   If all or part of a piece should become wrinkled, iron on lowest setting, using caution because of the variety of fabrics used (such as netting or metallic fabrics which will melt easily even on low settings), and some will melt.  Ironing is best done from the back side of the piece.

When they become dusty, it is best to vacuum them with the hand held brush attachment on your vacuum.  This method of cleaning will keep your piece clean and maintenance free for many years.  If they should need further cleaning, dry cleaning is required, as stated on the back of each piece.


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“How Do You See Yourself?”

Made of Various Fabrics and Fibers
30" x 36"
Orders Welcome

(shipping and handling not included)

Even though zebras look alike to us, the three zebras here all see themselves as very different individuals. When they look at their reflection, one sees himself as green, one as blue and one as purple.
Their manes are dimensional and the reflections are stitched with various metallic colors. The hanging rod that is hidden in the placket on the back is included.

Price: $700.00

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